Workshops and Private Lessons

Rachelle holds workshops around the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area. Workshops are planned to teach techniques and usually have specific projects for groups of artists who want to learn and to get inspiration from each other. These are given in comfortable settings and generally most materials are supplied.  Vision Board workshops are held for groups or companies at a location of their choice. Private, semi-private lessons in encaustic, print-making, watercolor,and collage are given in Rachelle’s studio.



Wed. Jan. 27th 10am-4pm

-Great Wokshop, fun and great teacher - Lisa

-Terrific, fabulous, wonderful workshop and amazing instructors.  So giving and generous with themselves, their time, and their creativity.

Presented a lot of information — a great workshop — TOO MUCH FUN!

"It was really wonderful getting the chance to work with an experienced artist like Rachelle on this project. She was able to bring out the hidden creativity from our participants, nurturing and supporting them to select images and materials that would help make their artistic visions come to life on the dream boards. I look forward to somehow collaborating with her again."
                               - Aaron Schwab, Louis Vuitton

Vision Board Workshop

Manifest your unique vision! A vision board is a collage done on board using photographs, both personal and from magazines, to tell a story of where life is taking us and where we want to go. I present a plethora of materials — stencils, paints, glitter, stickers, yarns, feathers, flowers of silk, rhinestones, and more. I work with groups, individuals and corporate clients to create Vision Boards that are a source of inspiration and encouragement, as well as works of art in their own right. 

Encaustic Fetish Dolls

I invite participants to immerse themselves in an engaging mix of art and whimsy. Learn some encaustic techniques to create over-the-top, imaginative interpretations of the human form. This workshop will open you up to creating thought-provoking and innovative “paper personas”. You will make artwork that is meaningful, expressive, and full of story-telling.

Encaustic Workshp

Hot wax is sensual, exciting, living and an adventureto work with.  It allows a huge range of creativity with carving, stamping, blocking, and drawing on the paper or plate. The tools and mediums used are explained and demonstrated. A variety of paper and surfaces are covered.


Rachelle teaches woodcuts, linocuts and mono-printing. These workshops show you how to make mono-prints without a press. These are wonderful and simple to do, using screen inks, acrylics and water based inks. 

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